Battles can occur randomly on the field or are triggered by certain events.

There are different enemies:

1: Random parties consisting of one or more enemies
2: Boss battles which are usually triggered by certain events
3: Side-quest battles which are normally quest related

Once an enemy is encountered a battle screen will open. The battle screen will display each party member’s HP, MP, TP, Status Effects, ATB Time Bar and Action Menu.

There are 3 types of battles:
1: A normal/random encounter
2: A surprise attack by your party or by your enemy
3: A forced battle that you party is forced into

Your character has three bars that you need to pay attention to during combat.

  • HP Bar:

This is the amount of hit points you have. Every time your character is attacked it reduces their Hit Points.

When this goes to zero your character will die in the game.

  • MP Bar:

This is the amount of magic points you have.
Magic points are used to cast magic abilities.

Each magic skill has its own cost which is taken from your MP during a battle.

  • TP bar.

It is the number of tactical points your character has.
This is what allows you to use weapon abilities and to summon allies.

This meter will build automatically as you attack during combat.

You can have a maximum of four party members in any battle.

The Action Menu:

There are 8 actions that your character can choose from – if it is applicable to its class:

  1. Attack – This is a normal attack with either an equipped weapon or hand combat
  2. Special Attack – This is special attack moves available to certain classes
  3. Action – The party member will perform the action chosen: Wait, etc.
  4. Holy Magic – These are magic’s used to cure your party or character
  5. Black Magic – These magic’s are used to deal damage to an opponent
  6. Status – These skills / magic’s are used to inflict a status on your opponent, e.g. poison
  7. Summon – These are special abilities certain party members will get during the course of the game. They will be able to summon a friend to assist during a battle
  8. Item – Your character or party member will be able to make a selection of items to use via this action command in the menu


Battle game play:

Once an enemy is encountered the battle menu will open.

The individual party members’ gauges will fill up and you will be prompted to choose an action to perform for each party member.

Once you have chosen an action from the list you will have to choose the enemy to battle.

Each party member will have to make a selection.

Once selected they will perform the chosen action.

Take note that the enemy will attack at random according to its set levels.

The game play will continue until all your party members are dead or until all enemies have been slain.

During some battles you may use the Escape action to try and flee from a battle.

Note that this might not be successful in all battles.