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Dev Log Update 28-05-2016

If you’re a gaming geek, Mario is one such character you should be certainly familiar with. Character designing forms a crucial part of any game and is often overlooked even by the most experienced game designers. The role of a character designer or artist... read more

Dev Log update 15-05-2016

Liliana (Lilly) is a human who is the keeper of the Twelve. She is the daughter of Lord Albeirt & Lady Lillerian. Her adoptive father, Regneel, named her Lilly –her mother’s favourite flower. Completed character profile for Lilly, really happy with the... read more

Dev Log update 11-05-2016

Expanded the Mining mechanics. Now include a blacksmith to process your ores into ingots. He can also upgrade your equipment to a higher tier. Higher tier equipment increase production and ore types you find. Some more interesting things added like for instance a... read more

Dev log update 02-05-2016

We have started working with an artist to do some character design and concept art. We have not finalized any character drawings yet and still just getting ideas and designs. We have written a character profile for every main character and the design should reflect... read more

Dev log update 30-04-2016

Completed the first stage of mining, you can now mine 4 types of ores. You have 3 different pick axes to use from basic to best, the system will also allocate experience for every ore mined that go towards your mining level. Basic operations: Mine ore, depending on... read more

Dev log update 28-04-2016

Just completed the fishing system. You can now fish in rivers, lakes and ocean. You will need a fishing rod and bait to fish. River and lake fish include (from common to rare) Large Mouth Bass, Carp, Catfish, Bluegill and Golden Trout. Ocean fish include (from common... read more

Dev log update 27-04-2016

We’ve been hard at work for just over a month now. We have complete most of the story line intro and basic game play. Some minor change still to be made. Tree chopping and regrowth – 95% Planting seeds and harvesting done! – 80% Fishing System... read more