Fishing guide:

Speak to the Fisherman located next to Regneel’s house in the Fishing Village. After speaking with the Fisherman move over to the bridge next to him, sparkling stars will show you where to go. A short tutorial will display.

What you will need:

First thing you will need is a rod and some bait. You can buy it from the shop on the docks’. The shop is located  to the South of the fishing spot, by the beach.  Just walk over into the next section of the map, to old Aidans’ Fishing Shop. He will gladly assist. When in the shop speak with him and he will assist with the purchase of the fishing rod and bait. You will have to check how much bait you have on a regular basis while fishing, or ensure that you stock up as each cast will use 1 bait.

How to fish:

Once the tutorial is done, find a decent patch along the river and cast away. The fishing spots will be indicated by small white circles floating on top of the water. You will have to position the player next to it.

To cast left click at the spot. Your time will start counting down as soon as you have cast your line into the water. A status bar will appear with a time bar below it. The time will move down to 0 as your time runs out. You need to keep the smaller moving bar above the time bar inside the parameters in the middle of the larger bar by holding and releasing the left mouse button. Doing so will cause the status bar to rise and fall. Try to keep it inside the indicated area. After a small period the status bar will disappear and you will be informed of your catch.

The different types of fish are:

Fresh Water


Large Mouth Bass
Golden Trout

Salt Water



Happy Fishing!