Liliana (Lilly) is a human who is the keeper of the Twelve. She is the daughter of Lord Albeirt & Lady Lilerian. Her adoptive father, Regneel, named her Lilly –her mother’s favourite flower.

Basic Statistics

Race                                                                                       Human
Age                                                                                         18
Gender                                                                                  Female
Height                                                                                    150cm
Weight                                                                                   45kg
Weapon of choice                                                               Light Sword / Staff
Magical powers                                                                   Dark Magic, Holy Magic, and Spirit Magic


Mother – Lady Lilerian
Father – Lord Albeirt
Adoptive father – Regneel
Adoptive brother – Arthon (Aaron)


Liliana is a short, petite young girl with long black hair and green eyes. She wears a red skirt with a white shirt and a short black jacket. She loves wearing her long black boots..


Liliana (Lilly) is pure of heart. She is a very modest girl. She greatly admires her adoptive father, Regneel, whom she loves deeply and adores her older adoptive brother, Aaron (Arthon). She has developed a tough exterior over the years living with two men in the house, as she did not want them to feel as if she needed to be protected. She is very helpful around their home and enjoys cooking with Regneel. She is empathetic towards others and can easily perceive other people’s mental and emotional states. She is independent, friendly, sensitive, caring and kind. She however has the ability to change her mind-set to be more serious when needed. She will protect those that she care for with her own life.

Talents and Skills                                                                             

Liliana (Lilly) is an average sword fighter. Regneel has taught her how to defend herself with a light sword. After the tragedy her magical powers activate and Liliana (Lilly) is able to use Dark Magic, Holy Magic and Spirit Magic.  She is a good cook and an excellent tailor.


Liliana (Lilly) is the daughter of Lady Lilerian and Lord Albeirt. On her first birthday there is an attack and a magical white pearl, containing the spirits of twelve wizards and a half-demon god is fused with her soul to keep if safe and hidden. Her mother entrusts her safety to the Wizard Pryderial as she sacrifices herself to ensure their escape. The wizard tries to flee to his guilds magical island, to the West of the continent, but on his way he is intercepted by Galbarath and Imperios and is captured. Luck was on their side that day and he could safely leave Liliana (Lilly) behind.

A retired knight named Regneel saw a flash and ran to see what the cause was and found the helpless little baby girl. Her beauty, even at such a young age, struck him and he intuitively knew that this child was from the royal family. He decided to take her home to hide her. When nobody came for her he started to investigate in secret. It was rumoured that the kingdom had been attacked and that King Berengir, Lord Albeirt and Lady Lilerian had been killed. The baby girl was wearing a locket around her neck when he found her, one that he had seen many years ago: it was worn by Lady Lilerian when she was a young maiden. He deduced that the baby was Princess Liliana and decided to conceal who she was. He named her Lilly.

Liliana (Lilly) was raised in the small unnamed Fisherman’s village to the West of the continent. She and her brother Arthon (Aaron) were happy children and had formed a very strong bond. She absolutely adores her older brother. Liliana (Lilly) was the only female living in the house and from a young age she took it upon herself to care for her brother and father.

When they were very young she and her brother went searching for berries in the woods close to their home. A bear that was also in search of berries attacked them. Liliana (Lilly) fell as they ran away and Arthon (Aaron) jumped in front of the bear, who was heading to his sister, to protect her. Liliana (Lilly) did not know what to do as she felt sorry for the bear – it was his berries after all – but also wanted to help her brother. Luckily Regneel was close by and he came to their rescue, but not before the bear could land a paw on Arthon’s (Aaron) face. She tended to the wound but could never forgive herself for not being able to do more. Shortly after the incident Regneel started training her on how to use a sword. She trained hard, not wanting to be a burden on them.