McKayla is a human and lives in the kingdom of Nidelium.

Basic Statistics

Race                                                                                       Human
Gender                                                                                  Female
Status                                                                                     Wife to Lord Breac
Husband                                                                                Lord Breac
Children                                                                                 Destin


McKayla was always friendly and kind and would help anybody in need, regardless of status. She loved her family deeply. When she was young she had a very abusive father who used to beat her and her mother and she vowed to always treat others with respect. After the encounter with the creatures at the castle she starts to change. She changes from a sweet young woman to almost sadistic and cruel with little to no regard for human life.


Mckayla married Breac at a very young age and they had a son named Destin. They were very happy and settled into a home built for them to the East of Nidelium. Breac did not enjoy dealing with affairs of the court and wanted to settle as far away from the caste as possible.

During the celebrations held for Liliana, her husband was injured in battle and they returned to their home. She tended to his wounds and when he awoke, it was revealed that he was blind. McKayla struggled to deal with what she saw at the castle and suffered severely from post-traumatic stress. Nightmares of the creatures haunted her dreams and she would often have graphic flashbacks of that day.  Her dreams were covered in blood…

To be continued…